Labor News May 11 – May 17

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security releases first blacklist of companies owing workers’ wages.   On May 9th, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security released the first blacklist for 2020, listing companies owing workers’ wages. The list included 30 companies that had violated relevant laws. Link

Court “backs” migrant workers, collecting wages is no longer difficult
  Recently, over 10 workers who were owed wages signed and printed on a mediation record at the Yuechi Youxi Court. Mr. Fu smiled and said: “Trying to get back owed wages ourselves would have been very difficult. This is great that the court was able to help us.” Link

Workers are resigning at Foxconn because of lack of overtime and low wages; Foxconn responds that the factory is operating normally
  According to domestic media reports, recently, many workers at the Foxconn located in Henan’s Zhengzhou Economic zone have resigned. Videos online show a shop owner in the factory confirming that there were less workers and that business was bleak. Link

Workers owed wages and students face difficulty receiving refunds on tuition fees at English training center
  Since the coronavirus pandemic, offline training organizations have faced a great deal of difficulty in operating. Recently, an English training center, Meten, had several branches closed which led to the organization owing workers rewards, wages and students facing difficulties receiving refunds for tuition fees. Link

Construction workers’ rights better protected with real-name registration system
  The Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Construction and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has implemented a trial of the “Management Measures for the Real-Name Registration System for Construction Workers” from March 1st. The real-name registration system for construction workers is a system that comprehensively manages the employment, training, skills and rights protection of construction workers hired by construction companies by authenticating the real identity of workers. Link

Employee who resigned returns with a gun and is beaten to death by employer with a shovel
  A white light, a loud noise and Su Debao, a chicken farm owner was shot. In the early morning, Han Guoping who had resigned after working three months came to the entrance of the chicken farm with a gun. He hid the gun behind a door and called for Su Debao to wake up. The two spoke across the iron fence door. During this time, Su Debao’s wife called relatives, neighbours and also the police. Link

Companies should be careful when cutting workers’ wages
  The epidemic has had a significant impact on economic operations, and some workers are facing wage cuts after resuming work. Salary cuts and adjustments are methods companies are using to survive the epidemic. Some workers are also worried that companies are using the epidemic as a pretext to illegally cut wages. Workers hope to be able to speak out against issues regarding wages and salaries during the epidemic. Link