CLW Labor News Brief for September 2018

Marxist students show solidarity with workers in Shenzhen (Photo credit: China Labour Bulletin)

Officials in Beijing worry about Marx-loving Students LINK                                                                       (The Economist, 09/27/2018) Marxist societies at universities all around China have faced trouble when trying to register. This is related to an ongoing trend in China of the government pushing back against anything or anyone with the potential to “disturb public order.”

Effort to Form Union in China Meets Ferocious Repression LINK                                                             (Labor Notes, 9/25/2018) Most of the workers and supporters of the Jasic strike have been released. However, four Jasic workers have not been released and are awaiting trial.

At Least 15 Workers, Maoist Supporters Still Detained Over Labor Union Campaign LINK         (Radio Free Asia, 9/12/2018) While supporters of the Jasic movement were in prison, organizations and people around China voiced their support for the campaign.

What happens when a Chinese factory city seeks a makeover? The workers making iPhones are priced out. LINK                                                                                                                               (Washington Post, 9/09/2018) Many workers in Foxconn’s Shenzhen factories have been forced to return to their rural hometowns due to increasing rent in Shenzhen. With more and more middle and upper-class Chinese people moving into Shenzhen, poor workers have less options of places to live.

ILO celebrates 100 years of social protection at the China’s 14th International Forum on Social Security LINK                                                                                                                                                (ILO, 9/19/2018) The International Labour Organization (ILO) held a forum in China to discuss the importance of Social Security in poverty alleviation.

Can International Trade Agreements Help to Introduce labour Reforms? LINK

(SCMP, 9/16/2018) Most trade agreements do not adequately address the rights of workers. Whether or not workers’ rights are protected should not be up to trade negotiators, but rather to human rights experts.

Colin Kaepernick, Nike, and the Myth of Good and Bad Companies LINK

(The Atlantic, 9/05/2018) While those on the left heap praise on Nike for supporting racial justice icon, Colin Kaepernick, this author reminds readers of Nike’s nefarious past – a past which includes abusing Chinese and Vietnamese workers and spending millions to silence campus activists in the West.

Small Chinese firms seek ‘lessons in survival’ as they brace for impact of social welfare taxes LINK

(SCMP, 9/30/2018) Stricter collection of social security payments, an expected 10 per cent rise in the minimum wage, as well as a growing number of labor disputes are all causing anxiety to small factory owners.

Is #MeToo Changing China? LINK

(Human Rights Watch, 9/17/2018) The #MeToo movement has spread all over the world. In China, some activists are successfully convincing male intellectuals to embrace gender equality in society and the workplace.