CLW Labor News Brief for May 2019

(From Left) Liang Zicun, Li Dajun and Li Changjiang were detained by Chinese authorities Photo: Handout
(From Left) Liang Zicun, Li Dajun and Li Changjiang were detained by Chinese authorities Photo: Handout

Chinese authority suppresses NGOs in China, at least 3 NGO activists have been detained.Link

(South China Morning Post, 05/12/2019) As the June 4th (30th Anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre) is approaching, many NGO activists have been detained by Chinese authorities who want to prevent any form of commemoration from happening on June 4th. Activists detained include Li Dajun(Director of Hope Community in Beijing), Liang Zicun(Volunteer of Guangdong Mumian Social Work Association), and Li Changjiang(Director of the Qinghu Workers Center in Shenzhen).

Chinese workers feel both satisfied and anxious Link

(ILO and Eurofound, 05/06/2019) The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) jointly published a report entitled “Working Conditions in a Global Perspective”, which shows that Chinese workers are satisfied with the future development of their careers but feel anxious. Full report can be found at this link.

Disappointment and anxiety of Chinese bourgeoisie and proletariat Link

(Financial Times, 05/14/2019) With China’s current housing prices skyrocketing and factory closures, the bourgeoisie household debt is intense and the rights of the proletariat are not guaranteed. Anxious Chinese bourgeoisie and disappointed proletariat may challenge the potentate. If the bourgeoisie and proletariat become united, they may become a huge revolutionary force in China.

Chinese workers went on strike for wages in Russia Link

(EastRussia, 05/22/2019) Chinese construction workers launched a strike in Irkutsk, eastern Russia, asking for their salary.

Oracle plans to shut down R&D center and lay off more than 900 people in China Link

(CNBC,05/07/2019, ) Due to the international environment and cost factors, Oracle is considering closing China’s R&D center and laying off employees. A number of dissatisfied employees who were laid off, protested in front of Oracle’s China R&D headquarter in Beijing.

Chinese millennials are rejecting dull factory jobs——and transforming the economy Link

(Los Angeles Times, 05/12/2019) More and more of China’s youth born in the 90s are reluctant to repeat the path of their parents——working in the factory. They can potentially transform China’s economic industry. Younger people in China are getting better jobs through higher education, learning specific skills or are even starting their own business. They look for fulfillment in their jobs as opposed to just financial stability. the Greenland  in Zhengzhou has withheld payment of 12 million RMB Link(May 27th) According to HenanTV New Village Channel’s report, the Greenland Binhu International Community Project by Greenland Holdings Co., Ltd. in Zhengzhou has withheld payment of 12 million RMB($1.68 million) to over 220 construction workers. Some workers told reporter that they have started Zone 5 and 7 of the project since 2015. Now the project’s finished and sold, but they still didn’t get their salary. Hebei Hanzhi CNC Co., Ltd. failed to pay their employees for 5 monthsLink(June 6th) A Hebei citizen filed a complaint against Hebei Hanzhi CNC Co., Ltd. for failing to pay their employees for 5 months. The local Labor & Social Security department confirmed the information and found the company hasn’t paid their employees up to 1.5 million RMB(around $250,000) in total. LSS then issued a notice of correction for the company on the 20th. Until the 28th, The company has paid two month worth of salary to their employees and planning to pay the rest by June the 11th.   Beijing Orient Landscape Co., Ltd. had withheld thousands employees’ salaries up to 6 monthsLink (Jiemian, June 5th) Beijing Orient Landscape Co., Ltd. had withheld thousands employees’ salaries up to 6 months. The company was also accused of forcing their employees to sign unfair resignation agreement. Until May 10th, the company has about 4,000 employees (including departing employees) with an average of 3 months salary and compensation need to be paid, totaling about 2,39 million RMB($39.8 million).  

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