Webinar: Chinese Migrant Workers Overseas Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

China Labor Watch will be organizing and hosting a series of Zoom webinars focusing on Chinese migrant workers and Chinese enterprises overseas starting on August 8, 2020. The first topic has been selected.
“Chinese migrant workers overseas amid the COVID-19 pandemic”

Speaker: a Chinese migrant worker whose identity is protected

Moderator: Yanhai Wan

This webinar will explore some of the biggest challenges that Chinese migrant workers overseas are facing right now. Coronavirus is continuing its spread across the world. More than 700,000 people have lost their lives. After the Civil Aviation Administration of China announced the so-called “Five One” policy in March, millions of Chinese citizens are stranded overseas. Chinese migrant workers overseas became the most vulnerable group. They have been left to fend for themselves because Chinese embassies have offered little or no help to them. Some migrant workers have waited several months to purchase air tickets that are 20 times the normal price. They are out of work, without wage, without social protection in their host countries, living in fear, anger, and depression. China Labor Watch has invited a migrant worker whose identity is protected to share his own experience in this webinar. Please join us and participate in a live Q&A session on Zoom.

When: August 8, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time (New York Time)

Language: Chinese

Link to join Webinar: https://zoom.us/j/91204888520

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