What We Do

China Labor Watch


Through our programs, we implement local worker and activist outreach projects;  help uncover labor abuses and engage in dialogues with the CSR departments of relevant brand companies and the factory management team to develop action plans to resolve current problems and implement positive changes. CLW also serves as a resource center for local workers.

China Labor Watch’s headquarter is located in New York City; its research center has been temporarily relocated to New Jersey; its China office’s main responsibilities include factory assessment, training and worker hotline. 

Factory Assessments and Improvement

Since its founding in 2000, CLW has conducted over 400 assessments of labor conditions in Chinese factories making products for multinational companies across industries ranging from furniture to shoes, stationary to toys, and garment to electronics.


CLW engages with workers in their workplace and communities, distributing pamphlets detailing basic rights and local legal resources and providing targeted training on labor laws and local labor issues.

Worker Hotline

CLW’s hotline program serves as a resource center for local workers. Hotline staff are trained to deal with a full range of issues including labor contracts, wages and working hours, female worker protection, insurance, health and safety, living conditions, benefits, and more.

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