Factory Assessments & Improvement

China Labor Watch

Assessments of labor conditions in Chinese factories

Since its founding in 2000, CLW has conducted over 400 assessments of labor conditions in Chinese factories making products for multinational companies across industries ranging from furniture to shoes, stationary to toys, and garment to electronics. These assessments utilize a mixture of undercover investigation and off-site worker interviews. Assessment findings are ultimately written in reports that CLW releases to international media outlets, often gaining global attention. The reports have increased transparency in international supply chains, encouraging buyers and brand companies to more effectively implement their codes of conduct and social standards.

Companies must be held responsible for the legality and social costs associated with their business activities. For companies with suppliers or factories in China, this undoubtedly means that Chinese workers’ rights and interests must be a concern of the company and all involved stakeholders. Companies rely on the labor provided by factory workers, and they should afford those workers a corresponding amount of respect by abiding by labor laws and offering workers a fair share of the fruits of their labor.

As CLW uncovers labor abuses, we sometimes engage in dialogues with the CSR departments of relevant brand companies and the factory management team to develop action plans to resolve current problems and implement positive changes.

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