Worker Hotline

China Labor Watch

Resource center for local workers

CLW’s hotline program serves as a resource center for local workers. Hotline staff are trained to deal with a full range of issues involving local labor law in Guangdong province, including labor contracts, wages and working hours, female worker protection, insurance, health and safety, living conditions, benefits, and more.

Workers contact the hotline by phone and instant messaging services like QQ and WeChat. Through the hotline, workers may voice their grievances in a safe and confidential manner, and workers’ concerns and issues are recorded.

Since 2009, the hotline program has provided free advice and labor dispute resolution strategies to factory workers in about 10,000 cases. The worker hotline program not only serves to assist workers in dealing with immediate concerns or grievances, but it also develops a stronger rights awareness among workers, encouraging them to engage directly with employers to uphold their rights.

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