Urgent Appeal: email or write a letter to Mattel

Help us demand that Mattel correct legal and ethical violations in Chinese factories that produce its toys.

China Labor Watch recently released an investigative report recently that details an array of labor abuse throughout four factories in China that produce Mattel toys. Many of these violations have legal implications, like blank labor contracts, overtime wages 30% below statutory limits, overtime hours of up to six times the legal limit, and a lack of safety equipment when working with harmful chemicals.

CLW is demanding that Mattel’s CEO, Bryan Stockton, and others at Mattel correct illegal treatment of workers immediately and begin instituting the following long-term reforms:

1. change Mattel’s buying practice by increasing pay to factories and increasing time given for delivery;

2. establish independent worker hotlines so that workers can voice grievances;

3. establish worker committees so that workers can support each other;

4. convene roundtable discussions so that workers can discuss their concerns directly to factory and Mattel personnel;

5. and put the source factory on every toy Mattel sells so that there is production transparency.

You can help get realize these changes by sending an email or letter to Mattel’s executives!

Please send emails to all of the following people:

Robert Stockton, CEO at robert.stockton@mattel.com

Kathleen Shaver, Director of Corporate Responsibility at kathleen.shaver@mattel.com

Robert Normile, Chief Legal Officer at robert.normile@mattel.com

Lisa Klein, Senior Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at lisa.klein@mattel.com

Snail Mail

Bryan Stockton
CEO, Mattel Inc.
333 Continental Boulevard
El Segundo, CA 90245-5012

Example text of the letter

Dear Mr. Stockton,

I have learned that a new series of investigations led by China Labor Watch at four of your supplier factories in China revealed serious violations of the rights of the workers that make your toys. This is not the first time that such violations have been reported at your supplier factories.

I am extremely concerned by the systematic labor violations found in your supply chain in China and of the working and living conditions of the workers that make Mattel toys. I urge Mattel to respond to the following demands, some of which are mentioned in the China Labor Watch report:

– modify Mattel practices by ensuring that the price Mattel pays and the delivery time it allows are sufficient to pay workers a decent wage and to not make them work more than what the Chinese law allows;

– make sure that grievance mechanisms exist at the factory level and workers are adequately trained and informed about their rights;

– publish a full list of Mattel’s suppliers.


[Your name]

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