Several Thousand Workers Launch Major Strike at Eyeglasses Factory Funded by Hong Kong Investors over Dissatisfaction with Relocation Compensation

Source: Boxun

On Wednesday, April 27th, several thousand workers at the Yajun Eyeglasses Manufacturing Company in Shenzhen, Guangdong launched a strike, protesting that the relocation compensation offered to them by the company was unfair.

The Yajun Eyeglasses Factory is based in Huanggekeng Village, Henggang Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hong Kong based Arts Optical Group. As a result of their dissatisfaction with the company’s relocation compensation as part of plans to relocate the factory to Pingdi in the near future, a group of several thousand workers involved in the relocation plans assembled to strike on the morning of April 27th.。

The worker’s “Gravity 2020” post said: the unreasonable nature of the relocation compensation offered by the Arts Optical Group of Shenzhen’s Longgang district center has evoked the doubts of all workers there. As these workers “brave the rain” we employ an alternate method of expressing our demands.

From videos and pictures taken on the scene, one can see a large group of workers gathered outside the front of the factory building, but we have yet to see any clashes. According to statements from the workers, the company higher-ups began urgent considerations on the worker’s demands that very day, and were to announce their response the following day. If the workers are dissatisfied with this reply, they plan to continue their strike.

The worker Tang Zehui issued a post saying: of a company employing over 6,000 people, a portion of them have gone on strike.

Information indicates that due to unhappiness with wage adjustments and a failure to pay for the workers’ “Five insurances, one payment” accounts, 6,000 workers from the Yajun Eyeglasses Manufacturing Company Ltd. had also gone on strike this March.

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