Labor News Brief for November 2013

Editor: Chang Liu, Zhihan Huang

KFC and McDonald’s in Beijing Violated Rights of Part-time Workers

(Lao Dong Wu Bao, 11/11/2013) Beijing stipulates that minimum wages for part-workers in the city in 2013 are 15.2 RMB. However, a number of employers in Beijing, including KFC and McDonald’s, are not treating their part-time employees legally and fairly. The major labor rights violations involve prolonging working hours arbitrarily, paying wages in arrears, and not paying wages for probationary periods.

Labor Disputes Become the Primary Cause to Arson

(Guangzhou Daily, 11/08/2013) According to a local court of Dongguan City, between 2011 and 2013 the court has dealt with 12 cases of arson. Among 7 of them were fires set by employees against their employers, making up 58.33% of the total number of arson cases. The leading cause to the arson, according to the court, is labor disputes. In response to the crime, the court suggests establishing effective grievance channels and mechanisms to prevent and resolve disputes.

Work-related Diseases increase in the Electronic Industry

(Yangzi Evening, 11/11/2013) As Nanjing’s industries have transited to a new developmental phase, its focus on the third industry has also brought changes to the causes of diseases and the demographics of vulnerable groups. In particular, poisonous industrial materials and noise have become the leading causes of diseases in workplaces. Workers in the electronic, leather making and wooden furniture making industries are especially vulnerable.

Delivery man died on the way delivery, “overwork” has become normal phenomenon in multiple industries

(Xinhua News Agency, 11/02/2013) Oct 30 at noon , Qiu Houjin, a mail delivery man in Zhejiang Province who just began his career three months ago, died at work. Qiu went out to work at 6:30 am while returned home at 8:00 or 9:00 pm every day. During holidays, he even worked until 11:00 pm. It’s worth noting that “overwork” has become a normal phenomenon in various industries.

Workers of Hengtong Factory Strike for Respect of their Rights

(Sina Blog, 10/25/2013) Recently, Shenzhen Hengtong Rubber Factory installed surveillance cameras to monitor workers. The cameras were directed at operators of each machine in the production facility, severely infringing upon workers’ dignity. Moreover, senior employees with over 10-years working experiences only get the same amount of wages as new workers, although the veteran workers are often given more tedious and difficult work. Feeling frustrated and helpless, workers went on a strike to express their demands. After six days of striking, 30 workers were fired by the factory. After two days of silence, more than 400 workers organized a strike again to fight for their legal rights and supported the workers who had been fired.

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