Get Involved: Letter to Buyers Regarding the Recent Suicides at Foxconn

Take action! Write a letter using the template below or draft your own to reflect your concerns over the recent spike in suicide rates at Foxconn Electronics Inc. Let your voice be heard by those with the power – Foxconn purchasers including Dell, Apple Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. – to put a stop to the circumstances that have led to these horrifying and needless deaths:

To Whom It May Concern Regarding the Recent Suicides at Foxconn:

It has recently come to my attention that a string of suicides has taken place at Foxconn over the last year. Through its extensive reporting on Foxconn, the humanitarian non-governmental organization China Labor Watch (CLW) has uncovered the deplorable work conditions at Foxconn and shed light on its militarized management style. I am horrified by these discoveries. As a loyal customer of your company, I demand that this problem be addressed with urgency.

CLW reports that Foxconn is guilty of the following labor law offenses:

  • Low basic monthly salaries
  • Excessive mandatory overtime hours
  • High labor intensity

I expect you to take immediate steps to ensure that Foxconn, your supplier, increases its basic monthly salaries, decreases factory work hours and labor intensity, and amends its operation philosophy and execution. Foxconn must turn away from its strict profit-driven policies to emphasize dignity, meet the basic physical and material needs of its labor community and to value its workers as human beings with inalienable rights under China’s Labor Contract Law and Labor Law.

The deaths that have occurred at Foxconn have alerted the world to Foxconn’s failure to appropriately manage its employees. As the largest manufacturer of electronics and computer components, worldwide, Foxconn has both the ability and responsibility to clean up its sweatshop abuses, create a respectful working environment and work to protect its mainland laborers.

Foxconn needs your help. Rather than abandon Foxconn in attempts to negate any bad press, I instead urge you to implement remediation plans in cooperation with Foxconn management. This is truly the only way to ensure full cooperation between Foxconn and labor laws set forth in China.

Your concerned consumer,




Letters may be addressed to the following parties:

Dell Inc.: One Dell Way; Round Rock, Texas 78682; United States

Apple Inc.: 1 Infinite Loop; Cupertino, CA 95014; United States

Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.: 3000 Hanover Street; Palo Alto, CA 94304; United States; Fax: +1-650-857-5518

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