Employee from Xixing Electronics Co. suddenly died in sleep because of overtime working

YangChen Evening Newspaper, Shining Lin.

On June 3th, a worker named Qing Wang, employed at the Luogang district Xixing Electronics (Guangzhou) Co Ltd, suddenly died in his sleep. His family members believe his death is related to the many hours of overtime he was forced to work. The family is holding the factory responsible for his accidental death.

On June 4th, reporters went to the Luogang district Xixing Electronics factory. Wangqing’s wife, Liu Yan, told reporters there that, “Qing Wang died in his sleep during the early hours of June 3rd.” She further explained that, “A few days before his death, he told me that he was very tired. I persuaded him to ask for leave from work, but he said his group leader would not allow it. On June 2nd, we returned home after eating dinner together. He told me that he was very tired and subsequently went to bed early. When I tried to wake him up around 7am the next morning, he gave no response and his whole body was stiff.”

It was reported that in February 2011, Qing Wang first signed a contract with the Labor Service Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, Ying Chao, after which, he was dispatched to Xixing Electronics factory. At the factory, Qing was in charge of setting and packaging semi-finished LCD TV, very intense physical labor.

After Qing’s death, his brother reported the incident to the police and notified the Xixing Electronics factory and Labor Service Company. The factory sent Mr. Zhou, a factory official charged with dealing with emergencies, to Qing’s home on the morning of June 3rd to help the family prepare funeral arrangements.

Qing’s coworker, A Hong, explained that all workers were split into two work shifts over a 24 hour period. Each shift lasted for 12 hours and included two and half hours of overtime. She went on to say, “The production plan in our factory is very tense. Except for a few departments, workers are not allowed to ask for leave. In this factory, everyone switches work shifts monthly, so that if you work the day shift this month, you will work the night shift the next. Workers are given one day rest before switching shifts. If workers miss one day of work, they will be asked to leave and return to their labor service companies.”

On June 4th at 6 pm, representatives from the Xixing Electronic factory and the YingChao labor service company met with Qing Wang’s family to discuss Qing’s death and its repercussions. There has still been no agreement reached between the different parties on a suitable compensation package.

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