CLW News Brief (Sept 14 – Sept 25, 2014)

Striking Shenzhen Workers (Photo credit: social media)

 Female College Students Protest Against Hiring Discrimination (Photo credit: VOA)

College Student Accuses Employer of Hiring Discrimination

(VOA, 9/14/2014) A recent female college graduate was rejected during a job application when the company told her “only hiring males”. The graduate subsequently filed a lawsuit to accuse the company, Hangzhou New East Cuisine School, of gender discrimination. The case has been called “the first case in Zhejiang Province of employment gender discrimination” and has received support through a joint letter from nearly 400 female job applicants.


Workers Demonstrate Against Unpaid Wages

(RedChina, 09/17/2014) 5,000 workers from the He Bei Xin Gang Gang Tie Group demonstrated against several months of unpaid wages and protested the government’s inaction leading to the workers’ unemployment. The company is suspected to shut down due to pollution problems.


Striking Shenzhen Severely Suppressed

(RFA, 09/16/2014) More than 1,000 workers from the Shenzhen Benson Automobile Glass Company went on strike because the company planned to move the factory to Dongguan without providing adequate compensation to employees. On September 10, police suppressed and arrested workers quickly after they began to protest. Currently, workers and the company are still negotiating. The company is a subsidiary of Xinyi Glass, a Hong Kong-based company.


Guangzhou Workers Strike Against Unpaid Compensation

(RFA, 09/17/2014) On September 15, workers from Fuji Micro Co., Ltd went on strike for unpaid compensation after the company sold the factory. However, the protest did not gain attention from management. As a result, the next day hundreds of workers demonstrated on the street with banners, causing heavy traffic jams. Despite being dispersed by police, workers’ demands have not yet been addressed.


(RFA, 09/18/2014) The Shenzhen Hanson Metal Factory planned to move the company’s operations to Huizhou City but failed to appropriately inform workers about the plan. 2,000 workers went on strike beginning September 15. On September 17, the strike was suppressed by hundreds of police, during which many workers were beat and around 30 workers were arrested.


Workers Strike in Three Cities During The Weekend

(RFA, 09/22/2014) Thousands of workers from the Dongguan Baoxing Electronics Co., Ltd. went on strike on September 19 and 20 to oppose excessive social insurance deductions linked to management embezzlement. On September 20, another strike took place at the Shanghai Haiyan Logistics Development Co., Ltd. Workers protested with banners to protest against the company changing their labor dispatch agreements to Contractor Agreement. In a third strike case, more than 600 workers from Efore (Suzhou) Electronics Co., Ltd demonstrated against the company for reducing overtime working hours from four to three hours, leading to a decrease in workers’ wages.

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