CLW Response to Mattel Statement

Dear  Edena,

In previous letter, you mentioned that Dongguan Combine Will was not a Mattel’s supplier. However, in fact, this is incorrect. Please check out the picture I attached below. The toy in this picture is a Mattel’s product, and CLW found it at Combine Will. But, Combine Will is an ICTI certificated factory. I request you to delete the part that Combine Will did not manufacture for Mattel from your letter.

The audit report from Mattel and ICTI CARE are not trustworthy. ICTI CARE, notionally independent, has been controlled by the toy companies. Meanwhile, the third-party auditors, authorized by ICTI, are extremely corrupt. Some toy factories have made repeated protests of it. Recently, Disney ceased its business with Dongguan Qing Xi Juantiway Plastic Factory (Zhenyang), an ICTI CARE certificated factory, because the violation of labor rights (“Disney Cuts Off Chinese Toy Factory Over Alleged Labor Violations”). That is the reason why I believe that the audit results are not reliable and can be misleading.

I have to suspect the Mattel’s claim regarding concern about Chinese labor conditions. In 2011, a female worker died at Taiqiang, which is one of Mattel’s suppliers. Until today, Mattel has yet to give a reasonable compensation. Regarding the female worker’s death, the conclusion of China Labor Watch and Mattel are completely different. You will only come to the conclusion that is beneficial for your brand and factories, not really care about workers. (Mattel Supplier Factory Female Workers Committed Suicide)

Li Qiang

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