CLW Labor News Brief for November 2018

Photos of Sun Min (left) and Zhang Shengye (right), two of the missing PKU graduates and labor activists (Credit: China Digital Times)

Labor activists missing in China after suspected coordinated raids LINK

(Reuters, 11/12/2018) At least 12 labor activists have gone missing in recent days, in what sources close to them believe was a coordinated effort by authorities to silence the vocal group, most of them university students or recent graduates.

Young Activists Go Missing in China, Raising Fears of Crackdown LINK

(New York Times, 11/12/2018) Peking University student activist, Zhang Shengye, was seen physically abducted from the streets. However, PKU student resistance continues unabated. Despite threats from security officials, students went to their school’s cafeteria and handed out flyers about Zhang’s and other students’ disappearances.

Apple Stores to employ human trafficking victims LINK

(BBC, 11/14/2018) Apple was honored by a group dedicated to ending forced labor. China Labor Watch Executive Director, Li Qiang, describes the decision to honor Apple as “a joke.”

Sun Min, Brave Pioneer for Workers’ Rights LINK

(China Digital Times, 11/14/2018) Sun Min, one of the PKU graduates and labor activists who went missing is profiled in this article. She is described as an ardent Marxist and tenacious fighter for the rights of Chinese factory workers.

Why a Marxist Movement is Emerging in China – and Being Crushed LINK

(Inkstone, 11/16/2018) Chinese students increasingly are identifying with their school’s underpaid and overworked cafeteria and custodial workers. However, they are also discovering that the Marxist values their country claims to be espousing aren’t put into practice in reality.

In China, The Communist Party’s Latest, Unlikely Target: Young Marxists LINK

(NPR, 11/21/2018) NPR interviewed Renmin University students and esteemed Chinese historian Zhang Lifan on the current crackdown on student and labor activists.

Dozens of Maoist Activists Held in China After Fresh Nationwide Police Raids LINK

(Radio Free Asia, 11/23/2018) Wang Xiangyi is among one of the labor activists missing. She along with her boyfriend, He Pengchao, founded a social work center in Shenzhen to help migrant workers.

At Least 22 Dead in an Explosion at a Chemical Plant in Northern China LINK

(Time, 11/28/2018) An explosion outside a chemical plant in northeastern China early Wednesday killed at least 22 people and destroyed scores of vehicles, in the latest challenge to efforts to boost industrial safety in the world’s second-largest economy.

Chomsky joins the Global Scholars’ Protest of China’s Marxism Conference LINK

(Phayul, 11/28/2018) The famous American linguist and social critic Professor Noam Chomsky joins the list of about 30 scholars across the world boycotting Marxists conferences in China. These scholars are boycotting the conference due to the arrest of Jasic factory workers and their student supporters.

Below are some photos from direct actions in France (left) and Germany (right) related to the release of our toy report

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