CLW Labor News Brief for December 2018

Students demonstrated in Beijing against a change in leadership of a Marxist group at Peking University. CreditCreditEva Xiao/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Marxist student snatched on way to Mao Zedong celebration in China LINK

(CNN, 12/26/2018) A high-profile Marxist student activist was bundled into a car by suspected plainclothes policemen on Wednesday on his way to celebrations for the birthday of former Chinese leader Mao Zedong.

Chinese Forced Labor Camps Are Making Sportswear for the US LINK

(Citizen Truth, 12/19/2018) In China, the government forces ethnic minorities to work in detention camps sewing clothing that is imported to at least one American sportswear company.

Beijing slams reports of forced labour in Muslim detention camps LINK

(The Telegraph, 12/21/2018) China has hit back at US media reports that Muslim detainees in Xinjiang are being subjected to forced labour. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying branded the claims “a malicious attack that severely distorts the fact.”

Students Defiant as Chinese University Cracks Down on Young Communists LINK

(The New York Times, 12/26/2018) Students demonstrated against a change in leadership of a Marxist group at Peking University and denounced the government’s efforts to crush a student-led campaign for workers’ rights.The university officials moved swiftly to contain the protest.The stern reaction by the authorities reflects the party’s deep anxieties about the young communists and their unusual campaign.

Closure of Samsung Plant Exposes Vulnerability of Chinese Manufacture Workers LINK

(Sputnik, 12/14/2018) Amid rising labour cost in China and growing uncertainty because of US-China trade tensions, a number of multinationals like Samsung decided to move their manufacturing operations away from China. Workers in manufacturing industry in China are forced to face serious consequences from Samsung’s decision.

Eleven illegal Chinese workers arrested and 40 on the run after death on Japanese construction site LINK

(The Telegraph, 12/04/2018) Japanese police are investigating a possible human trafficking ring after arresting 11 Chinese construction workers over visa violations and finding that 46 other labourers appear to have fled.

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