China Labor Watch Donates 10,000 N95 Masks to Frontline Nurses in New York

New York is now the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. As of today, the state has almost 95,000 cases and close to 2,500 deaths. We are in a crisis. Hospitals are currently overwhelmed with patients, and our frontline nurses do not have sufficient PPE to protect themselves from the virus. Masks and other PPE are in demand globally.

China Labor Watch recently donated 10,000 CDC-approved N95 masks to frontline nurses in hospitals around New York. We coordinated with AFYA Foundation, a non-profit based in Yonkers, that is helping to distribute PPE to health centers and hospitals in need in the NY area.

We have sent masks to the following hospitals:

  • Queens Hospital: 720 masks delivered.
  • Montefiore Hospital: 720 masks delivered.
  • NYU Langone Brooklyn: 720 masks will be delivered 
  • Harlem United: 500 masks delivered.
  • Hudson River Healthcare: 500 masks delivered.

We also sent AFYA foundation 5,400 masks to be distributed to NY hospitals.

We encourage others to also donate masks and other PPE to hospitals in and around New York.
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