BSR Conference

Innovation is crucial to building sustainable business success. But in our fast-changing world, innovation alone won’t get the job done—it must be integrated into strategy and core business. This is what companies need to do to inspire and mobilize customers, employees, business partners, and other collaborators.

Making this happen depends on gathering insights and ideas from a more diverse range of sources than ever before. Companies that understand our globalized, integrated, collaborative world will be best positioned to succeed. They will be the ones that capture increased market share and access to new markets through new products and services that deliver sustainable value. They will create new business models that take advantage of the collaborative spirit of our times—and they will be more likely to meet the needs of vast new markets in rising economies. The result? More prosperous companies and a more sustainably prosperous world.

The BSR Conference 2010 will provide the insights and connections you need to make this happen. Over three days, you will have the opportunity to hear from—and engage with—industry leaders, provocative thinkers, and a community of practitioners who will provide you with new ideas and practical solutions for your business. Regularly ranked by independent analysts as one of the top corporate responsibility events globally, the BSR Conference features expert speakers, a creative program, and a community of sustainability leaders who together are building the business of a better world.

Come join your peers in defining the business models essential for future success—and get the ideas and inspiration you need to navigate the new economy.

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