A Homicide Case Took Place in Foxconn’s Shenzhen Guanlan Facility.

Approaching the iPhone 6 release date, Foxconn is implementing rigorous security inspections targeting workers who produce iPhone 6 in order to prevent them from letting out confidential information about the new product. During the night shift on August 21, 2014, a conflict developed between an assembly worker and a guard due to such an inspection when the worker went to the restroom. Harsh words were shared between them, and the guard stabbed the worker with a knife, killing him. The guard confessed to his crime.

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News story: http://www.ilabour.org/Item/Show.asp?m=1&d=3249

Analysis: http://epaper.nandu.com/epaper/H/html/2014-08/21/content_3299765.htm

Police is arresting Foxconn guard who stabbed the worker.

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