Toys of Misery 2004: A Joint Report by National Labor Committee and China Labor Watch

In the He Yi factory in China, workers are paid less than the minimum wage, with mandatory overtime, obligatory seven-day work weeks, and 18-20.5 hour shifts, producing “Bobblehead” dolls of of major league players produced under licensing agreements with the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, Nascar and the Collegiate Licensing Company. Other plastic toys, especially small toy cars, are also produced for Wal-Mart, Disney and Hasbro. Wages are as low as 16.5 cents an hour and just $16.75 for a seven-day, over-100-hour work week.

The workers have actually smuggled a cheat sheet out of the factory that management gave them in preparation for a second Wal-Mart visit planned for February 2, 2004.

· These paystubs document a weekly wage of just over $16, with almost 36 hours of overtime

· Photos of the factory, products, paystubs and workers with captions

· Wal-Mart’s Smoking Gun Rare internal memos smuggled out of a factory in China confirm abuses and expose Wal-Mart抯 monitoring as a whitewash 

Fotoball is the American promotion company contracting in He Yi, producing “bobbleheads” under license from the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, Collegate Licensing, Barbia, Nickelodeon, Marvel Comics, Warner Bros and others.

· These timecards document 20.5 hour work days and 7 day weeks. 

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