chinalaborwatch update //news/new-496.html8/28/2014 <![CDATA[Statement in response to Samsung]]>//news/new-495.html8/28/2014 <![CDATA[Supplier factory of Samsung, Lenovo violates rights of children and students]]>//news/new-494.html8/22/2014 <![CDATA[A Homicide Case Took Place in Foxconn’s Shenzhen Guanlan Facility.]]>//news/new-493.html8/4/2014 <![CDATA[75 dead, 186 injured. Tell GM to take responsibility!]]>//news/new-492.html8/2/2014 <![CDATA[Statement on explosion at GM auto parts factory in Kunshan]]>//news/new-491.html7/21/2014 <![CDATA[Nike supplier factory’s unpaid social insurance prompts strike]]>//news/new-490.html7/18/2014 <![CDATA[Female strike participant jumps to death after being fired]]>//news/new-489.html7/16/2014 <![CDATA[Statement on Samsung suspending business with Shinyang Electronics]]>//news/new-488.html7/9/2014 <![CDATA[Another Samsung supplier factory exploiting child labor]]>//news/new-487.html4/25/2014 <![CDATA[CLW and Green America carry out street protest demanding safer conditions for Apple workers]]>//news/new-486.html4/24/2014 <![CDATA[Dongguan union releases response to Yue Yuen workers’ demands]]>//news/new-484.html4/22/2014 <![CDATA[Yue Yuen worker strike enters its second week, Adidas pulls out of factory]]>//news/new-483.html4/18/2014 <![CDATA[Tens of thousands of striking shoe workers persevere: Yue Yuen work stoppage continues]]>//news/new-482.html4/14/2014 <![CDATA[Statement on large strike at the Yue Yuen shoe factory]]>//news/new-481.html3/27/2014 <![CDATA[China Labor Watch to lead a street protest against McDonald’s, Intertek]]>//news/new-480.html3/13/2014 <![CDATA[1,000-worker IBM strike wins workers more fair compensation deal]]>//news/new-479.html3/12/2014 <![CDATA[6,000 Chinese workers strike over drastically reduced wages at a Crocs and New Balance factory]]>//news/new-477.html2/28/2014 <![CDATA[China Labor Watch Receives $36,609 from CREDO for Strengthening the Rights of Chinese Workers]]>//news/new-475.html2/7/2014 <![CDATA[Major labor violations in a Quanta Computer factory]]>//news/new-474.html1/13/2014 <![CDATA[Worker representatives of strike detained by local officials in Shenzhen]]>