China's Next "Pollution": Social Insurance

"Migrant workers lack of social insurance is China's next pollution" predicts Li Qiang (founder of CLW) in the Mark News.

Investigative Report: Apple's Unkept Promises

Investigation of three factories belonging to the Pegatron Group, a major supplier of Apple, uncovers wage theft, an unsafe work environment, and a lack of worker voice.

Video of Yue Yuen Workers Protesting in the Street

At a factory making shoes for Nike, Adidas, Puma, and other major brands, more than 40,000 workers went on strike for two weeks to protest unpaid compensation in what become one of the largest strikes in modern Chinese history. 

Mattel's Unceasing Abuse of Chinese Workers
six Chinese factories producing toys for Mattel, CLW found that labor conditions have failed to improve, and even worsened, from 2012. 
Labor Exploitation at Samsung Supplier Factory Samkwang
At Dongguan Samkwang, a partner of Samsung (Huizhou), CLW uncovered a long list of ethical and legal violations.
Li Qiang on Foxconn Workers Protest Work Conditions
On Democracy Now, Li Qiang, executive director of CLW, analyzed the large massive strike in a Foxconn plant.

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Call On Apple to Insure Workers Safety!

75 dead, 186 injured. Tell GM to take responsibility!

Press Releases

After reduced production orders from HP results in lower wages, at least 1,000 workers went on strike.
10/01/14 - CLW Statement on Lawsuit by Samsung Supplier HEG
Lawsuit filed by HEG factory is a PR tactic by HEG and Samsung; it ignores systematic problems underlying use of child workers and other labor violations.  
Workers making iPhone 6 covers are made to work under high-pressure and unsafe working conditions to meet demands.

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08/22/14 - THE WALL STREET JOURNAL   Labor Rights Group Keeps Focus on Worker Abuses