Apple should not profit at the expense of low-wage workers

"To resolve poor labour conditions, Apple must pursue profit maximisation only within a framework of sufficient investment in labour." Li Qiang  in South China Morning Post.

Response to Mattel on 2014 Toy Factory Report

After a CLW report on labor abuses at toy factories, Mattel Toys responded, denying many allegations. CLW replied to Mattel in a point-by-point letter.

Another Samsung Supplier Factory Exploiting Child Labor

CLW had uncovered five child workers (under 16) at Shinyang Electronic Co.Ltd. Meanwhile, the investigation also revealed 15 sets of labor violations.
Investigative Report: Abuses at Quanta Factory
CLW found a number of ethical and legal violations at Quanta Shanghai Manufacturing City, a Taiwanese company supplying for Apple, Sony, Dell, and HP.
Labor Exploitation at Samsung Supplier Factory Samkwang  
At Dongguan Samkwang, a partner of Samsung (Huizhou), CLW uncovered a long list of ethical and legal violations.
Li Qiang on Foxconn Workers' Protest of Working Conditions
On Democracy Now, Li Qiang, executive director of CLW, analyzed the large massive strike in a Foxconn plant.
CLW Testifies at Congressional Hearing 
In Dec 2014, CLW's executive director Li Qiang testified on poor working conditions in Chinese toy factories at a hearing of the Congressional-Executive Committee on China.

Investigative Report: Apple's Unkept Promises

Investigation of three factories belonging to the Pegatron Group, a major supplier of Apple, uncovers wage theft, an unsafe work environment, and a lack of worker voice.

Child Labor at Samsung Supplier Factory

CLW's 2012 investigation identified seven child workers at Samsung supplier factory HEG who received no special protections.


Press Releases

01/09/2016 - CLW Statement on Arrest of Four Labor Activists
CLW protests authorities arrest of these activists and points out the complicity of multinational companies in the underlying labor conflict at Lide Shoe Factory. 
11/30/2015 - Statement on News Story of Huizhou-based Dongjiang Times
The article attempts to discredit a CLW report with false accusations. The Dongjiang Times is owned by the ruling Communist Party. 
11/20/2015 - Widespread Labor Abuse in Factories Producing Top Toy Brands
CLW's latest investigation of five Chinese factories supplying toys to Hasbro, Mattel and Mattel-owned Fisher Price, McDonald’s, Jakks Pacific, Disney, NSI Toys, Battat, MGA Entertainment, and Walmart has revealed a litany of major labor abuses.
- HEG Still Employs Workers Under 18
Supplier factory for Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, and TCL revealed to still employ underage workers despite being outed by CLW multiple times previously for revelations of the same abuses since 2012.

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