China's Next "Pollution": Social Insurance

"Migrant workers lack of social insurance is China's next pollution" predicts Li Qiang (founder of CLW) in the Mark News.

Investigative Report: Apple's Unkept Promises

Investigation of three factories belonging to the Pegatron Group, a major supplier of Apple, uncovers wage theft, an unsafe work environment, and a lack of worker voice.

Another Samsung Supplier Factory Exploiting Child Labor

CLW had uncovered five child workers (under 16) at Shinyang Electronic Co.Ltd. Meanwhile, the investigation also revealed 15 sets of labor violations.
Investigative Report: Abuses at Quanta Factory

CLW found a number of ethical and legal violations at Quanta Shanghai Manufacturing City, a Taiwanese outfit which makes goods for Apple, Sony, Dell, and HP.

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Labor Exploitation at Samsung Supplier Factory Samkwang  
At Dongguan Samkwang, a partner of Samsung (Huizhou), CLW uncovered a long list of ethical and legal violations.
Li Qiang on Foxconn Workers' Protest of Working Conditions
On Democracy Now, Li Qiang, executive director of CLW, analyzed the large massive strike in a Foxconn plant.

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Press Releases

03/11/2015 - Statement on Death of iPhone 6 Worker at Pegatron Plant in Shanghai
There is reason to believe that 26-year old Tian Fulei died in February from overwork.
A large strike is in its third day at a factory that produces shoes for Nike, Adidas, Prada, Timberland, Louis Vuitton, Jordan, Clarks, and others.
02/11/2015 - Analyzing Labor Conditions of Pegatron and Foxconn: Apple’s Low-Cost Reality  Apple is the major beneficiary of low-cost labor competition among its manufacturers. 

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