Apple is the Source of Mistreatment of Chinese workers

This CLW's follow-up investigation at Pegatron found no improvement, and excessive overtime was still pervasive.

 Minimum Wage Standards in China

 The tables in this report demonstrate the most updated minimum wage standards for all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China

A Glamorized Public Relations Tool for the Global Toy Industry

“The mission of the ICTI CARE Process is to enable the worldwide children’s products industry to ensure that its products are manufactured in an environment of the highest standards of safety and humane conditions.”
Investigative Report: Abuses at Quanta Factory
CLW found a number of ethical and legal violations at Quanta Shanghai Manufacturing City, a Taiwanese company supplying for Apple, Sony, Dell, and HP.
Response to Mattel on 2014 Toy Factory Report

After CLW's report on labor abuses at toy factories, Mattel Toys responded, denying many allegations. CLW replied to in a point-by-point letter.
The Dark World of Disney
Disney’s fairytales are all stories of heroes who defeat the wicked, but the truth behind the manufacture of Disney’s toys is far different.
CLW Testifies at Congressional Hearing 
In Dec 2014, CLW's executive director Li Qiang testified on poor working conditions in Chinese toy factories at a hearing of the Congressional-Executive Committee on China.

Report Casts Doubt on Apple's Ethical Standards

Results of this research demonstrate that workers making Apple products are still suffering from terrible working conditions.

Child Labor at Samsung Supplier Factory

CLW's 2012 investigation identified seven child workers at Samsung supplier factory HEG who received no special protections.


Press Releases

02/02/2018Statement Refuting Apple Supplier Catcher's Denial of Rights Violations
The first possibility relates to the widespread and well known problem in China of corrupt audits: Apple employees might be corrupt. The second possibility is that Apple is purposefully ignoring the rampant problems present at Catcher.

11/27/2017 The Dark Side of the Toy World
Every day workers toil for 12 hours, and if they do not work overtime, can only earn 250 USD a month, leading to workers desperately working overtime to barely maintain their livelihood.
10/18/2017 Workers protest at Apple’s supplier factory Green Point
At 7.00 pm today workers began blocking the entrance and roads around the factory, preventing workers and cars from entering

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